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Parkside Community Centre: Conditions of Hire

Here at YADT we like to be thorough, so we've created a list of all the possible

information you may want to know about hiring our rooms!

1 Definitions

  • In these conditions and in the scale of charges the following expression shall have the meaning hereunder assigned to them:-
  • ‘the Hirer’ means the person the signing the booking form to use the premises
  • the ’Centre Manager’ means YADT who are the leaseholders of the building
  • the ‘Centre’ means the Main Hall and other communal facilities including the car park, play areas, toilets, kitchen and storage rooms at the Centre
  • ‘regular bookings’ means the hiring of the Centre by a single application on no less than six occasions during any period of 12 months
  • ‘single bookings’ means the hiring of the Centre other than by way of block booking

The following conditions of hire of accommodation set out the legal requirements under the terms of the Premises Licence. They are intended to ensure the safety of persons using the Centre, staff, the building and any fixtures and fittings.

Please read these conditions and ensure those persons organising your event are aware of the requirements. The Centre Manager reserves the right to update or make reasonable changes to the conditions of hire at any time and may cancel any bookings if the Hirer does not agree to these changes

2 The hire period

The Hirer shall strictly observe the times of the hire and must not exceed them. The duration of the hire period must include time required to set up prior to the event and time required to clear up and vacate. Access to the Centre will not be possible prior to the agreed start time.

3 Use of premises

(a) the hirer shall not use or cause or allow the Centre to be used:

(i) for any purpose other than that for which the application has been granted unless any alteration of purpose has been previously notified to the Centre Manager and such alteration has been approved by or on the behalf of the Centre Manager

(ii) in such manner as will cause interference or annoyance to any other occupants of the premises or neighbouring residents

(iii) for the performance of live or recorded music that would be audible at the façade of nearby dwellings

(iv) for the display of any advertising material except such material as relates to the purpose of the event for which the Main Hall is hired, in which case it shall be displayed in a position that it can be seen only by persons attending the event

(v) for any purpose which may directly or indirectly contravene any laws or regulations, including licensing restrictions (see section 18) or which may be considered to be at the Centre Managers sole discretion discriminatory, defamatory, obscene or a threat to public order and will comply with all reasonable requests of the Centre staff in relation to the use hereby authorised

(vi) in such a way as would endanger the public

(b) The Hirer shall not do or cause or allow to be done anything which will render ineffective in whole or in part, the policy or policies of insurance effected by the Centre Manager in respect of the premises or the contents thereof.

(c) During the period of hire the Hirer shall be responsible for the efficient supervision of the Centre including the effective control of children and the orderly and safe admission and departure of persons to and from the Centre.

(d) During the period of the hiring, the Hirer shall not use or allow to be used any furniture or equipment which has not been previously booked and paid for by the Hirer.

(e) All scenery, decorations and other material erected by the Hirer, or brought into the Centre should be manufactured to recognised safety standards. The Centre Manager reserves the sole right to prohibit the use of, and where necessary remove from the Centre, any item that does not comply with this requirement or that is suspected to not comply, or that is deemed to pose any risk to the Centre or its occupants.

(f) No nails, screw, or bolts shall be driven into any of the walls, floors, doors, ceilings, window frames, or fittings of the Centre or any other parts. No adhesive material is to be used for the display of posters or other materials. No placard, decoration, flat, emblem, poster or advertising matter in connection with any hiring and use of the Centre shall be exhibited on or outside the Centre, except with the express prior consent in writing of the Centre Manager.

(g) No gas or oil stoves, lamps, lanterns, candles, fireworks, inflammable films or any explosive, toxic, hazardous or highly flammable materials shall be brought into the Centre.

(h) Only one small (4.7kg) disposable cylinder of helium may be permitted in the Centre with prior approval of the Centre Manager. No other compressed cylinders for air, gasses or liquid may be brought into the Centre unless required by an individual for medical purposes.

(i) the Hirer shall not, for any purposes, treat, or apply any substance whatsoever to any part of the floor of any hall or room in the Centre.

(j) The Hirer shall not use dry ice, stroboscopic lighting, smoke, real flame, lasers, vapour or water vapours in any part of the Centre

(k) The Hirer shall leave the Centre in a clean and tidy state, ensuring the Centre is returned to the condition in which the hire period began.

4 Sub-letting

A hiring, or the rights under any hiring granted, may not be assigned or sub-let.

5 Loading and Unloading

The Hirer must notify the Centre Manager, at least one week in advance of the hire, of any requirements for loading and/or unloading goods or equipment at the venue either before, during, or after the period of hire. Restrictions may apply to the times that are available to undertake loading and/or unloading.


For safety and security reasons the Community Centre has CCTV in operation.

7 Cancellation of Booking

(a) By the Hirer

In the case of single bookings, the Hirer will receive a refund of their hiring fee on the following basis:

If the Hirer provides the Centre Manager with notice of cancellation in excess of 28 days of the event then a full refund shall be given.

If the Hirer provides the Centre Manager with notice of cancellation less than 28 days of the event then no refund shall be given.

(b) By the Centre Manager

The approval by or on behalf of the Centre Manager of any application for the use of the Centre is subject always to the right reserved by the Centre Manager to cancel the booking, if there is good reason to do so.

If the Centre Manager considers that the event is likely to be objectionable or undesirable at any time it may cancel the booking.

If the conditions of the hire are not complied with, the Centre Manager may terminate any bookings and the Hirer shall forfeit the sums paid under those bookings.

The Centre Manager may cancel a booking if the Hirer breaches the conditions whether statutory or otherwise. This includes disorderly or unseemly conduct on the part of any person present at the event. Should the Hirer fail to comply with the conditions the Centre Manager has the authority to stop the Hirer’s event.

The Centre Manager may cancel any booking without notice if the Centre is required in an emergency.

The Centre Manager retains the ultimate right of cancellation in relation to any booking, at its own discretion and no later than 7 days prior to the hire date, as long as it can be demonstrated that it is reasonable action to take.

The Centre Manager will not be liable for any loss due to any breakdown or failure of machinery, electricity, leakage of water, fire, or act of God which may cause the Centre Manager to be temporarily closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.

8 Revision of scale of charges

Fees are normally reviewed annually and apply from 1 April to 31 March each financial year. However the Centre Manager reserves the right to vary the scale of charges at any time and the new charges will become operative one month from the date of despatch of notification to the Hirer or at any later date than the Centre Manager may decide.

9 Damage

The Hirer shall pay to the Centre the costs of -

(a) making good any damage to the Centre, furniture, fittings, or apparatus; or

(b) any additional cleaning required at the discretion of the Centre Manager to reinstate the Centre to the condition in which it was in prior to the booking

(c) the replacement of any articles or property belonging to the Centre and lost or found to be missing from the Centre during the period or periods the Centre is occupied by the Hirer, and the Centre Manager shall be sole judge of the damage done and cost of making good such damage or replacing any missing article or property

Hirers are required to pay these costs within 28 days.

10 Conditions of premises upon vacation

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the Centre property is left in a good condition at the end of the hire period. This includes:

(a) leaving the property in a clean and tidy state

(b) removing any items brought into the Centre by the Hirer

(c) relocating rubbish and recycling to the Centre bin

(d) returning Centre equipment used as part of the hire to its correct location.

11 Loss of property

The Centre shall not be responsible or liable for any damage to or loss of property, articles or things whatsoever left in the Centre by the Hirer or by any other persons using the Centre.

12 Insurance

The Hirer is required to have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum indemnity of £5,000,000. The Hirer must ensure all outside providers, such as entertainers or trainers have adequate Public Liability Insurance. If you are a small group, community organisation or business you must ensure you have a valid certificate of insurance covering public liability insurance for the required minimum indemnity sum and you may be asked to provide a copy of this policy to the Centre Manager.

13 Right of Entry by Centre Management

During the period of hiring the Centre Management or Officers of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority may enter any part of the Centre to observe whether conditions are being met or for any other purposes of their duties. The instructions given by the Centre Management on duty at the time of the booking shall be complied with, as these persons are responsible for the control and management of the Centre.

14 Nuisance Behaviour

In the event of any person acting in such a manner so as to cause nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to other persons or is likely to cause damage to property the Hirer shall take all necessary steps to maintain good order and inform the Centre Management of any such incident and comply with all reasonable requests in respect thereof.

15 Alcohol

Parkside Community Centre does not have a license for the sale of alcohol. The sale of alcohol or supply via any third party is not permitted.

The Hirer shall not sell or supply alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club or cause or allow to be sold any alcohol in the Centre.

The Centre Management will not authorise any Hirer to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to sell alcohol in respect of this Centre.

In the case of private functions, such as family gathering, alcohol may be provided by the Hirer free of charge directly to invited guests at the discretion of the Centre Manager. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that alcohol is not consumed by persons under 18 years of age, Hirers must ensure they comply with all relevant legislation.

In the case of children’s parties or events the Centre operates a strict no alcohol policy.

16 Drugs

No illegal drugs or substances may be consumed or brought into the Centre. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all persons attending the event or meeting adhere to this policy.

17 Centre Licence

The Centre is licensed for the following activities by the Premises Licence.

  • The performance of plays
  • The exhibition of films
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Live music
  • Recorded music
  • Performance of dance
  • The Premises Licence covers the building for hosting the exhibition of films, where the correct licenses are in place to permit the Hirer to display or screen a film without infringing the copyright.

18 Copyrighted Works

The Hirer is fully responsible for ensuring that licenses or permissions are in place for their event and the Hirer is fully responsible for any infringement of copyright during the period the Centre is occupied by the Hirer.

The Hirer shall be liable and must make arrangements for any required licenses and the payment of Entertainment or other Tax or any Royalties chargeable in respect of the purpose for which they use the premises.

19 Fire Regulations

The Hirer will ensure that the Centre Managers fire procedures for the Centre are observed. The Hirer’s responsibilities are outlined in Appendix 1 - Instructions to Hirer (Fire Safety and Evacuation) which can be found at the end of this document. Building Evacuation information is displayed on the Parkside Community Centre notice board.

All new hirers will be required to undertake a tour of the Centre in order that they be made aware of the location of emergency exits and to have emergency evacuation procedures explained to them. Hirers will need to take on Fire Marshall responsibilities in the event of an evacuation which are explained in Appendix 1 - Instructions to Hirer (Fire Safety and Evacuation).

The Hirer shall ensure that all fire exit doors shall be kept unobstructed and immediately available for exit throughout the event. No obstruction shall be placed or allowed to remain in any corridor giving access to the Parkside Community Centre hall and other rooms. The Hirer must not conceal or view or obstruct access to any fire fighting equipment. Any special needs relating to the fire safety arrangements in general for the Centre not already covered must be raised by the Hirer to the Centre Manager in advance of the event.

20 Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on or in Council premises. The Hirer is required to respect the Council’s restrictions on smoking and to ensure that all persons attending the event do likewise.

21 Use of electrical equipment

All electrical appliances used by the Centre are tested regularly for safety reasons. The Hirer shall not make any alterations or in any way interfere with any of the electrical fittings or appliances in the Centre.

All electrical equipment brought into the Centre must display an up-to-date Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate to show that it is electrically safe.

22 Maximum Numbers

The Hirer shall not exceed the maximum numbers guidelines. The maximum number of people in the Hall is 50.

23 Child Safety Policy

Hirers working with children and young people must have a Child Safety Policy and comply with all statutory and other requirements in respect thereof.

24 Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS checking)

Hirers should be aware when hiring the Centre for events involving vulnerable adults or children that the event organiser is responsible for ensuring that DBS (formally known as CRB) checks are in place for persons engaged in providing services, care or support, where this is required in accordance with the relevant regulations. Details can be found The Centre accepts no liability whatsoever for any failure to discharge such duties.

25 Health and Safety Regulations

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that they do not compromise the health and safety of the Centre’s employees and visitors to the Centre. They must ensure that they are familiar with and comply with the Centre Managers rules and procedures relating to the hire and use of the Centre and cooperate with any instructions issued by the Centre Manager. The Hirer is also responsible to undertake any risk assessments relevant to their event.

26 Animals

The Hirer shall not permit any animals other than assistance dogs to be admitted for any purpose except with the specific consent in writing of the Centre Manager and subject to such conditions as may be required.

27 Entertainment

The Hirer shall, if required by the Centre Manager supply for approval a copy of the programme of any entertainment to be given no later than two weeks before the date of hire. The Hirer must discuss any entertainment before the booking is accepted as the hall is located within a residential area and the noise level must be kept to a reasonable level (i.e. inaudible at the façade of nearby dwellings).

28 Gaming

No gambling shall take place in the Centre. Gambling means either gaming or betting.

Gaming mean playing a game of chance for a prize

Betting means making or accepting a bet on the outcome of a race, competition, or any other event; the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring; or whether anything is true or not.

29 Hypnotism

No one may give any exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism, mesmerism or any similar act or process which is intended to produce in anyone a form of induced sleep or trance in which the susceptibility of the person’s mind to suggestion or direction is increased or intended to be increased. Section 5 of the Hypnotism Act, 1952 provides the only exceptions to this Condition.

30 Cinematography

No cinematography or externally sourced projecting apparatus shall be used without the previous approval of the Centre Manager. Only films which have a British Board of Film Classification Certificate or relevant certification license granted by the Local Authority may be shown to an appropriate audience.

31 Statutory and other regulations

Hirers shall also observe all relevant provisions of Health and Safety. Disability, Discrimination and Equality and any other acts or regulations with regards to exhibitions and entertainments.

32 Hirers breach of condition

If the Hirer fails to observe and perform any of the conditions contained in the Contract of Hire the Centre Manager may recover from the Hirer any expenses incurred by the Centre securing such observations and performance.

33 Indemnity

The Hirer will indemnify and keep the Centre Manager indemnified in respect of all claims and demands and actions whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of hiring hereby authorised.

Appendix 1 - Instructions to Hirer (Fire and Safety Evacuation)

Fire Safety / Emergency Evacuation Plan for Hirers of Parkside Community Centre

This document provides information to the Hirer on the arrangements in place at Parkside Community Centre in the event of a fire / emergency evacuation. The Hirer must agree to carry out the duties outlined below and must also undertake a tour of the building to become familiar with the requirements for evacuation.

As the Hirer you are responsible as follows

1. As a Fire Marshal during your hirer period, you are responsible for ensuring that those using the hire premises are evacuated in an emergency. If the fire alarm sounds, you must:

Ensure that all areas are evacuated and that people move to the assembly point

Check all rooms and toilets etc shutting doors once the rooms are empty on your way to the assembly point

Report details of the completed evacuation or other appropriate information to the Fire Officer by telephoning 020 8308 3862 or 07805 925 885.

2. You are responsible for ensuring that all staff and people involved (paid and volunteer staff, guests etc) at the start of any event or function understand the basic fire safety precaution arrangements and procedures as follows:

The location of fire alarm call points and how to use them

The location of fire exits

The location of the fire assembly point

The location of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment

The fire alarm sound is a siren which is easily recognised. It is tested regularly and staff will advise when it is due to take place and when the test has been completed.

On discovering a fire the alarm must be activated. Do not attempt to tackle the fire unless safe to do so (i.e the fire can be quickly extinguished with the minimum risk to self).

If evacuation is necessary it is important to remember the following golden rules:

Don’t panic - keep a clear head

Raise the alarm

Do not stop to collect personal belongings or allow others to do so

Assist visitors and people with disabilities on your way out if needed and if safe to do so

Close doors behind you

Where possible use the nearest fire exit

Report any persons unaccounted for to the Fire Officer

Do not re-enter the building or allow others to do so until instructed by the Fire Officer in charge