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Corner Group Bridge Session

There is a popular saying that the game of bridge takes a week to learn and a lifetime to master.

Please note that we are NOT a bridge club - but a learning environment!

- Jenny - Session Leader -

This session incorporates learning and playing the card game of duplicate bridge, followed by discussions about the hands played. Within this session, most hands are set up deliberately to include small and/or grand slams where 12 or 13 tricks are won; also included are a couple of current bridge conventions. The hands are then scored at home by Jen and an email is sent out at the end of the evening to each player showing their weekly result.

We use bidding boxes, so if you know the basics and want to make new friends, come and visit as we are NOT a bridge club - we are a learning environment!


Every Tuesday at 7:30pm in Room 3.





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Jenny Jakes

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07862 202 572

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[email protected]