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Chin Woo

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu style typically emphasise long range techniques and relies on the development of speed and agility. It is renowned for its advanced kicking techniques.

The Chin Woo Northern Shaolin Kung Fu System has been taught for centuries and is one of the most renowned Shaolin styles taught in the Far East. It is an effective system comprising of a dynamic and practical curriculum of fitness, bodily conditioning and flexibility.

There are fundamental forms which provides students a strong foundation to strengthen their body and to master the techniques of martial arts. In addition, as students progress they will introduce traditional Chinese weapons in the same way.

The Chin Woo curriculum incorporates several different styles of traditional Kung Fu, giving students a well-rounded martial background. The curriculum includes:

  • San Da (Chinese Kickboxing)
  • Tai Chi (Internal Chinese Martial Art)
  • Wu Shi (Traditional Lion Dance)
  • Tang Lang Quan (Praying Mantis)
  • Wu Shu (Chinese Acrobatic Martial Arts)

Hours of operation: 5:30pm – 8:30pm every Thursday

Cost of activities:

Children (4 yo to 16 yo) - £7 | Term time block booking**

Adults (17 years +) - £10 | Term time block booking**

Age range: 4 years old onwards

Contact Details

Contact Name:

Dominic Lee

Contact Number:

07842 229 859

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[email protected]